Bakhtiari Company

General Trading Co., Ltd




The benefits of the specification of the rice bran oil (Rizi)

1-helps reduce lkst rolle and the fat in the blood.
2-helps reduce high blood pressure
3-helps control the sick drunks because it helps to increase sensitivity to the hormone now insulin
4-containing vitamin e - b): (Y-Oryzano l) where he worked to prevent aging and will help eliminate the wrinkles
5-you in some of the materials that provide the body with health and material (anti oxide) that works to rid the

body of carcinogenic substances
6-helps prevent fat.
7-most skin care products and hair contains oil that his uncle rice for being contains (Omega 3 AND OMEGA 6)

and that now Mykonos Capitol and this is one of the types of carbon that head wright Prevent Early Gray and uses

the problems of hair loss and strengthen the roots of the hair.
8-Oil Reesy. Used to cook, fries and salad
9 the world health organization (who) recommended oil rice bran
Didn't know any more of the benefits of oil that his uncle rice Zorro Site (Youtube. Google)



Bakhtiari company was created in (2005) and received the company's certificate by the Ministry of Commerce in the Kurdistan region and Bakhtiari company works in the field of foodstuffs general trade and particularly rice, and oil with pulse.

where imported from India, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia and Italia addition to rice bran oil, where products extends across Iraq is the most important famous brands in the region and Iraq.